Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to bid?

There is no fee to register, but we do require a $500 deposit at the time of sale. There is a buy fee for each vehicle purchased, based on the sale price. Be sure to budget the fee into what you are willing to spend.


What if I can’t understand the auctioneer?

If an auctioneer can see that you don’t understand, he will sometimes slow down and/or repeat what he is saying. If that doesn’t help, there will be a ‘ringman’ in the lane to help you understand the bids.


May I test drive vehicles before the auction?

Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover test drives. However, you may start the vehicle in its parking slot and shift into drive, reverse, etc. to ensure the gears engage.


Do you accept personal checks?

We gladly accept cash, credit cards, money orders and cashiers or certified checks made out to Norfolk Auto Auction. We do not accept personal checks.


Do you issue temporary tags?

Norfolk Auto Auction does not issue tags but you can visit to purchase a trip permit, provided you have a valid Virginia driver’s license and credit card or checking account information.


Can I buy a car without bidding in the auction?

Yes, the vehicles designated ‘BUY ME NOW’ are available for sale Monday through Friday, without bidding or negotiating.


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